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Welcome! The BETT Portal is an online resource to help promote the use of electric trucks by providing information, guidance, support tools and study dissemination from the DAF Battery Electric Truck Trial.

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Fuel Savings (Low scenario: £22k, high scenario: £69k) *
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The Battery Electric Truck Trial - BETT

In June 2021, DAF trucks were awarded funding from Innovate UK to deploy 20 electric trucks in public sector fleets across England between April 2022 and September 2023.

The trucks on trial were DAF Electric LFs, a 19-tonne battery electric truck. The truck has a range of up to 175 miles on each battery charge, and can be rapid charged at 150 kW for quick turn-around between shifts.

The Logged Data Dashboard provides summary information from the trial so you can see top level trial statistics, such as total miles travelled, energy consumption, and vehicle range.

* Fuel savings are based on the monthly fuel price index from the AA and quarterly electricity price index published by the UK Government. The headline saving is based on these variable prices. The low scenario uses the least favourable prices seen during the trial (£1.48/litre for diesel and 30p/kWh for electricity) and the high scenario uses the most favourable (£1.90/litre for diesel and 23p/kWh for electricity).

Fleet Planning Tool

Our Fleet Planning Tool will allow you to calculate the expected range and charging times from an electric truck when considering your own duty cycles. For those of you willing to invest a bit more time, an advanced version of the Fleet Planning Tool also allows you to plan a fleet of electric trucks and estimate the number of different chargers required, depot power requirements and potential costs.

BETT Learnings

The 18-month truck trial commenced in April 2022. Cenex leads the study programme and will report study results in the Learnings section of this site.

Trial study areas include vehicle operation, economic and environmental performance, user acceptance, as well as life cycle emissions and much more!


Guidance pages provide an introduction to different aspects of battery electric trucks, from policy trends to practical guidance on assessing and implementing battery electric trucks in your fleet.