BETT - Battery Electric Truck Trial

BETT Learnings

Our research and study work was published throughout the trial on a quarterly basis. Insights and learnings from the trial are available below.

We collected information on truck performance aspects, user attitudes and also undertook a life cycle analysis on the electric trucks versus a diesel equivalent. The diagram across shows our key research areas.

Key Learnings

BETT Final Report

This final report contains an overview of the trial monitoring insights covering a wide range of topics such as factors impacting EV range, truck driver and fleet manager experience, business case of eTrucks or life cycle assessment (LCA).

Deep Dive Analysis 6: Business Case for Electric Trucks

This deep dive spreadsheet models the business case of 19t electric trucks and their charging infrastructure compared to diesel, from the point of view of a fleet operator. The model calculates many different scenarios to test how sensitive electric vs diesel total cost of ownership (TCO) savings are to 21 factors.

EV Rally Tales

One of the BETT trucks was entered into the EV Rally, read about how it fared over more than 1,200 miles between all the capital cities of the UK.

Deep Dive Analysis 2: Driver Behaviour

The second report looking deeper into the data and performance of the BETT trial vehicles. This report looks at the effects of driver behaviour on energy consumption. Initially, via a data-driven approach deriving insights from vehicle telematics. Secondly, adopting a qualitative approach presenting the training provided during the trial and reviewing available literature on driving behaviour and training in other fleets across the world.

Deep Dive Analysis 1: Drive Cycle Assessment

The first of several publications looking deeper into the data to understand vehicle performance. Drive cycles are how we categorise the broad type of driving: urban, rural and motorway. This analysis investigates how the energy consumption varies by drive cycle and what factors affect the efficiency.

Lessons Learnt: Charging Infrastructure

Cenex has interviewed BETT fleets and BETT charging infrastructure providers to understand best practice when planning, installing, and operating electric vehicle chargepoints. The learnings cover aspects from grid upgrades to load management, including charging hardware and other considerations. Experience from previous Cenex projects and publications has also been applied.

Pre-trial: Fleet Manager and Driver Attitudes

Cenex is collecting data on drivers’ and fleet managers’ attitudes to BEV usage through the lifecycle of the trial. The pre-trial interview of fleet managers covered information on the fleets (typical operations and previous experience of BEVs), environmental knowledge and behaviour, and views on BEVs compared to other vehicles and expectations of vehicle performance.